The Gathering Storm 

A young man in Kingston, Ontario ponders the perplexities of his life as a first-year university student. Should he date the poetic Keiko, the athletic Meg, the temperamental actress Daphne—or all of them? How can he prevent his eccentric father, dressed as a woman, from visiting him in residence? Why is Professor Svensen, the icily beautiful Swedish genius, behaving so oddly, and can he possibly pass her Economics course?

Soon, the young man will be a hardened saboteur blowing up pipelines and refineries in the Tar Sands region of northern Alberta, and setting explosive charges under the CN Tower in Toronto. The idyllic university campus where he flirted, and occasionally attended class, will become a battlefield as Canada takes a dark turn into civil war.

This story of intrigue, love, and treachery is seen through the eyes of an obese, cross-dressing computer geek. There has never been a novel set in Canada anything like Apocalypse North.

Alejandro Douglas


Johnny Bradley




Putting Out Fire with Gasoline 

As Volume II of Apocalypse North begins, the wily Bloc Québécois Prime Minister of Canada, Gilles Luthier, has his back to the wall. Federal drones darken the prairie sky, but they are doing little to slow the eastward advance of troops loyal to the Lord Protector of the Greater Alberta States, former Prime Minister Stebbin Harpoon. In Toronto, Harpoon’s ally, Mayor Rob Ford, undergoes a religious conversion and imposes a brutal Caliphate on his citizens.

Can Gilles Luthier win the civil war and hold Canada together? Can he trust the Public Service of Canada, now that Lord Protector Harpoon’s cyber-hackers have deleted its members’ pensions? Will the narrator, a cross-dressing computer geek, defect to the other side? Will the narrator’s son survive his risky liaison with Moira Magdalen Kelly, the green-eyed temptress and spy? Why does Vice-Chairman Chiang of the Communist Party of China have a blue left eye? Volume 2 of “Apocalypse North” brings this tale to a darkly comic conclusion.